Saturday, 22 September 2007

Boots n All Archive 6

A change of pace on this mix, instead of the usual ADD fast cut & paste dance remixes, this mix is a chilled alternative. A move away from the traditional bootlegs & get into some tragic covers from a couple of High School Bands, some Latino funk & introduce a fine mash up by Grandmaster Gareth. All the tracks are covers of Contempory artists like Herman's Hermits, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie,The Carpenters even The Eagles.

We start off with The Portsmouth Sinfonia, doing cat screeching renditon of 2001 A Space Odessy. The Sinfonia was made up (mostly) of muscians still learning there instrument, one of these musicians was Brian Eno. I'm not too sure what instrument he was trying to learn, it certianally wasn't the synthisier.

The next track tonight is by The Langley Schools Project, The Beach Boys, Good Vibrations. It is a 60 voice choir made up of school chlidren from Canada. It was captured on a 2 track tape deck in 1977 & has been released on CD by Bar None Records. Followed by Senor Coconut & his Latinino Orchestra doing the Doors & then the Fairfax High School Marimba Band doing a raring rendition of Popcorn.

We then move over to Grandmaster Gareth who is 22 & from Moseley in Birmingham. He chose the name Grandmaster Gareth to try and enhance his hip-hop credibility. He has a CD out called, Minute Melodies, i'ts 30 one mintue tracks . Although this featured mix is a full 30 min special mash up, courtesy of the Peel Sessions.


Also Sparch Zarathutra Theme From 2001 - The Portsmouth Sinfonia
The Langley Schools Project - Good Vibrations
Senor Coconut - Riders on the Storm/Beat It
Leland Stanford Jnr Uni Marching Band - Turn the beat Around
The Marimba Band of Fairfax High School- Popcorn
Senor Coconut - Oxygene
Grandmaster Gareth - The Peel Sessions
LB - Silence is Golden/Angie/Jealous Guy
Rip Off Artist - Sway

High School Bands

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Boots n All Special Mix

This mix is mainly made up from the GYBO Punk challenge - the 2nd Matrix film had finished & the crew party was just a few blocks away, in a film studio on Australia St. We had set up a very long DJ table complete with 2 mixers turntables & Pioneer CD's,(it even had a picket fence around it),the white walls were left bare for lighting effects & I was the warm up DJ. This is the set, it starts of slow & moves it's way up. The crew were an "older" crowd, so kept it to songs they would know, by the end of the set most of the people were up dancing.


1. Deep Disco Force - Thermemins from outer space
2. Braces Tower - Special Child (Specials vs Destiny Child)
3. Lionel Vinyl - Real Loose Voodoo
4. Digital Punkz - How do I get out
5. IDC - Freetrippin
6. Eclectic Method - P-Diddy's madhouse
7. DJ Crook Air - Madness like 2 move it
8. MC Pikey - Grim & Grimy Gangsters
9. DJ Crook Air - Pikey goes out late at nite (DJ HDD edit)
10. IDC - Audio Blurries
11. Clash vs Lost Vegas - London Calling
12. Pop Bastard - Where "The Streets" Have No Name
13. Audio Bully's - Face in a cloud (Joe Cocker)
14. Arthur Agent - Hold your head up (soulwax mix)
15. Son of - The Storm in the Sky
16. Dr P - La la land (Tori Amos vs Green Velevet)
17. Miss Frenchie - 69 Minit cats

DJHDD - oZ sT sTuDi0S (PunX Boots)

Friday, 24 August 2007

Boots n All Archive 5

In this mix we look at the devils music - rock n roll.Since the early 50's this particular type of music has been blamed for the moral corruption of young people with it's tribal beats, (supposed) backward masking & jangly guitars. Listening to it was akin to possesion by Satan himself.We now know after 40 years, that this is not necessarily so - or is it?

Today we except more openness (or freedoms) with the marketing industry bombarding us with scantly clad advertising, innuendo, swearing, violence. Indeed todays world is a far cry from your parents or grandparents, reserved & repressed society, before the advent of Elvis's hip gryations - maybe rock n roll is to blame for todays moral decay.

We are going to explore these myths & platitudes in a unique & mashed up way. You are going to hear from the kings of punk The Sex Pistols, those pop princess'es Britney & Madonna, as well as Eminen, fronting Led Zepplin & AC/DC, DJ Shadow,DJ Z Trip & those cultural jamming gangsters Negativland.


Peaches vs Pat Boone - Smoke on v water - DJHDD edit
Smash - Wild Rock Music - (Madonna\Steppenwolf\Ike & Tina Turner)
Diffusion - We will rock you (DJHDD re-re-edit)
Bitter Sound Foundation - We will ska you
Soundhog - The Without Me Song - (Led Zeppelin\Eminem)
DJ Z Trip - Rockstar
DJ Shadow - Devils Advocate
Negativland - Helter Stupid (DJHDD re-edit)
Midfield General - Devil in Sports Casual
Evolution Control Committee - Rocked by Rape
The Bran Flakes - I am a groupie
JPL - I love rock n roll (Britney Spears)
cry on my console - Robots Can Fucking Rock (Wacko Jacko)
Sex Pistols - God save the Queen (Neil Barnes dance mix)
IDC - Punks In Love With Rock n Roll (Sex Pistols)
Go Home Productions - Ray of Gob (Madonna\The Sex Pistols)

Rock n Roll is v Devils Muzak

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Boots n All Archive 4

This mix aired on 3/12/03 as a tribute to JPL. I still play these 4 JPL songs as a set at warm ups (or Weddings). At the last wedding I DJ'd recently, I saw a Grandmother & great grandchild dancing to "Take a walk on the wild side" (I'm sure grandma new the words to Lou Reed)

JPL - Lou Reed vs Run DMC - Take a walk on the nasty side
JPL - Tone Loc vs Santana vs Brian Ferry - Dont stop the wild thing
JPL - Roxy Music vs Shannon vs Santana - Shannon is the drug for me
JPL - Stealers Wheel vs Vanity 6 - Stuck in the middle with Vanity 6
Breakbeatles - Take this brother
Soundhog - Beatles vs Mogwai vs Kid Loco - A day in Tracy's life
Jeff Buckley - Hallujah (Plundered from a mash up mix by Dr Webb)
Tin God - Bastard Rubik
GHP - Return of the Weather Episode
Richard Cheese - Insane in the Brain

Casablanca in the 70's

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Boots n All Archive 3

This mix was an extension of the original demo, at only 15 Minutes, entitled
Hall & Boots are Pirates who enjoy the show

Eminem vs Hall and Oates
Sam Desborough - Dont Pug yourself (The Streets vs Captian Pugwash)
Bozilla - Madonna with the big boobies
Animals Within Animals - Pirates of the Internet


This 2003 mix was done as a tribute to SF's Bootie, who were just starting up & today are one of the biggest clubs in San Francisco, celebrating their 4 year anniversary.

Catweasle's Bootie intro
Kinky Boots - Patrick McNee
Wok n roll section
Bootie Section - Adrian & Mystrious D & Party Ben
GHP - razor Smile
William S Burroughs
DMC - Mega Blue Monday (Substance Abuse Bootleg)

Your a rockstar on Pirate Radio

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Boots n All Archive 2

boom selection is dead. long live boom!

Daniel Sheldon was just 14 when he started in 2001 but 5 years later boom selection deceased. Not due to a C&D or any pressure from the recording industry but due to pure exhaustion. The actual site itself, had traffic at around 50 gigs a day & in 2004, Strictly Kev released the first Raiding the 20th Century, including MKY’s “I created a monster". This brought the site down for the first time. Whilst Kev’s first 20th C version is different from the official release with Paul Morley, it’s still a ride & a half. I may post this older version, but not yet, as Kev has a surprise soon after his tour. shhhh!

The DR & his side kick MKY, become infamous for the Nevermind the bootlegs 3 CD-R (400 song) disk MP3 mail out, where Dan promised to home burn the CD-R’s & send via post, to whoever wanted; for a small price. This chained him to his PC for months, before he realized, he would never be able to keep it up. In 2005 this was the last post, serving as an eulogy to many "dead" links !

boom selection is dead. long live boom!

I used many sections from these mixes for the first years of Boots n All & later in 2005, when the site said goodbye. As a precursor to the amount of Hello intro’s you will hear on these archives, I offer the first Goodbye intro, played in the 2005 tribute show to the ending of the Boomselection site.

1:36 min can be listened to online

This (2002) mix is a combination of shorter sections spliced together. MKY’s unique cut & paste style is perfect for mashing & follows the previous shows intro to boomselection & Internet downloading. This chaotic mix kept in with the plunderphonic concept of the show & had me giggling in the studio (as happened many times).Playing Londons top 40 thrown into a blender & pulsed. Not all sections are The_Dr & MKY, indeed the end song is in fact Miss Frenchie’s satisfaction but a lack of memory & notes…

2003 Boots n All Boomselection Special

A bit thank you to Seej for the photos

Boots n All Archive 1

In 2003 I gate crashed a NYE party for a community radio station 2MBS. They have an experimental section on the station late at night, under the concept Contemporary Music Collective - anything non commercial leaning more towards the avant garde side of contemporary music. Just before midnight I kidnapped the Dennon decks, from the girl playing Sigur Ross & played this set

DJHDD CMC NYE 2003 SET (Double click to download)

1. Soulwax - Eleanor Rigby vs Kraftwerk
2. Osymyso - Intro Expansion 1
3. King Wilson - V Beatles (Wilsons House mix)
4. GHP - Foxy lady work it out
5. Fondue Meltdown - Missy b good 2 me
6. Dsico - Dont say no la baby
7. Osymyso - Rebel with a disco pause (DJ HDD edit)
8. Junkie Elvis - Cheesy Burgers
9. DMC - Funky cold Madonna
10. Osymyso - Beat this White Klyie (DJ HDD edit)
11. GHP - 2 months in a disco
12. Big Blunts - Eric's ill behavior
13. Led Zepplin - Immigrant song (Plasma white label)
14. Pink - Party started (SCO Network Remix)
15. Stevie Wonder - Superstition 2001 (White label)
16. Ian Dury - Hit you (White label)

Once Osy's Into Expansion had come most of the party were sitting in front of the DJ desk playing "spot that tune" - these "peers" were gobsmacked at there first taste of mash up or bootlegs & were a very discerning audience as most did not like "pop" music but were thrilled at the bastardization of it all. It wasn't long before they were dancing & smiling, as it should be on NYE. After the set I was asked if I wanted to do a radio program on this "bastard pop". I had done radio previously for many years & had just finished a show on another Sydney radio station called "The Blender" 4 hours of guest DJ's similar to Solid Steel.

I was always perplexed by the fact that I could play (or get away with) the likes of Brittney, Wacko & other top 40 artists under a charter that was more about "experimental/avant garde" music, but then again I suppose at that time bootlegs were considered experimental rather than the norm or accepted practice. They seemed to fit in the category of cut ups, collage & plunderphonics. I was a big fan of CMC as they had been doing this type of underground music for 25 years & I was introduced to the "cut up" "collage" set via there radio programs. People like us, John Oswald, Negativland & home grown talents of Ric Rue & Stalking the Nightmare.

The very first show was actually the demo we produced at my home studio, we put it to air exactly as you can hear it now, complete with bad edits. We did not have the ability to record direct from the studio at that time, so very few shows for the first year will be available in this archive blog.

Show number 1:

Boots n All first show (Double click to download)

1: Hello - Animals within Animals (re-occurring theme)
2: Hello & Goodbye - Daffy Duck & Bugs Bunny does the Beatles
3: Plunderphonics radio Special - John Oswald
4: Radio 4 Bootleg special with Freelance Hellraiser
5: Collage Collage - The Bran Flakes
6: Boomselection excerpt - The Dr
7: BTTB X-200 excerpt - Osymyso
8: Boomselection excerpt - MKY
9: menimE - DJHDD edit
10: Antichrist [EOTMC mix] - Thiftshopxl
11: Classica - DarkUFO
12: Good vs Evil (Evil mix) - DJ Bender
13: Cassette Boy Excerpt (Fly me 2 NY)
14: 6 Days (B52's boot) - DJ Shadow
15: BEX IDM - Bexarametric

The Animals within Animals, Hello track became a re-occurring theme & was used as an opening on every show (including Daffy saying stop the tape). It became difficult to find new "hello" samples for every show, lucky it was only on every 2 nd week. By time we had decided to end the show some 3 years alter we switched to "goodbye" sample, but that's for a later blog.