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Boots n All Archive 1

In 2003 I gate crashed a NYE party for a community radio station 2MBS. They have an experimental section on the station late at night, under the concept Contemporary Music Collective - anything non commercial leaning more towards the avant garde side of contemporary music. Just before midnight I kidnapped the Dennon decks, from the girl playing Sigur Ross & played this set

DJHDD CMC NYE 2003 SET (Double click to download)

1. Soulwax - Eleanor Rigby vs Kraftwerk
2. Osymyso - Intro Expansion 1
3. King Wilson - V Beatles (Wilsons House mix)
4. GHP - Foxy lady work it out
5. Fondue Meltdown - Missy b good 2 me
6. Dsico - Dont say no la baby
7. Osymyso - Rebel with a disco pause (DJ HDD edit)
8. Junkie Elvis - Cheesy Burgers
9. DMC - Funky cold Madonna
10. Osymyso - Beat this White Klyie (DJ HDD edit)
11. GHP - 2 months in a disco
12. Big Blunts - Eric's ill behavior
13. Led Zepplin - Immigrant song (Plasma white label)
14. Pink - Party started (SCO Network Remix)
15. Stevie Wonder - Superstition 2001 (White label)
16. Ian Dury - Hit you (White label)

Once Osy's Into Expansion had come most of the party were sitting in front of the DJ desk playing "spot that tune" - these "peers" were gobsmacked at there first taste of mash up or bootlegs & were a very discerning audience as most did not like "pop" music but were thrilled at the bastardization of it all. It wasn't long before they were dancing & smiling, as it should be on NYE. After the set I was asked if I wanted to do a radio program on this "bastard pop". I had done radio previously for many years & had just finished a show on another Sydney radio station called "The Blender" 4 hours of guest DJ's similar to Solid Steel.

I was always perplexed by the fact that I could play (or get away with) the likes of Brittney, Wacko & other top 40 artists under a charter that was more about "experimental/avant garde" music, but then again I suppose at that time bootlegs were considered experimental rather than the norm or accepted practice. They seemed to fit in the category of cut ups, collage & plunderphonics. I was a big fan of CMC as they had been doing this type of underground music for 25 years & I was introduced to the "cut up" "collage" set via there radio programs. People like us, John Oswald, Negativland & home grown talents of Ric Rue & Stalking the Nightmare.

The very first show was actually the demo we produced at my home studio, we put it to air exactly as you can hear it now, complete with bad edits. We did not have the ability to record direct from the studio at that time, so very few shows for the first year will be available in this archive blog.

Show number 1:

Boots n All first show (Double click to download)

1: Hello - Animals within Animals (re-occurring theme)
2: Hello & Goodbye - Daffy Duck & Bugs Bunny does the Beatles
3: Plunderphonics radio Special - John Oswald
4: Radio 4 Bootleg special with Freelance Hellraiser
5: Collage Collage - The Bran Flakes
6: Boomselection excerpt - The Dr
7: BTTB X-200 excerpt - Osymyso
8: Boomselection excerpt - MKY
9: menimE - DJHDD edit
10: Antichrist [EOTMC mix] - Thiftshopxl
11: Classica - DarkUFO
12: Good vs Evil (Evil mix) - DJ Bender
13: Cassette Boy Excerpt (Fly me 2 NY)
14: 6 Days (B52's boot) - DJ Shadow
15: BEX IDM - Bexarametric

The Animals within Animals, Hello track became a re-occurring theme & was used as an opening on every show (including Daffy saying stop the tape). It became difficult to find new "hello" samples for every show, lucky it was only on every 2 nd week. By time we had decided to end the show some 3 years alter we switched to "goodbye" sample, but that's for a later blog.

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