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Boots n All Archive 2

boom selection is dead. long live boom!

Daniel Sheldon was just 14 when he started in 2001 but 5 years later boom selection deceased. Not due to a C&D or any pressure from the recording industry but due to pure exhaustion. The actual site itself, had traffic at around 50 gigs a day & in 2004, Strictly Kev released the first Raiding the 20th Century, including MKY’s “I created a monster". This brought the site down for the first time. Whilst Kev’s first 20th C version is different from the official release with Paul Morley, it’s still a ride & a half. I may post this older version, but not yet, as Kev has a surprise soon after his tour. shhhh!

The DR & his side kick MKY, become infamous for the Nevermind the bootlegs 3 CD-R (400 song) disk MP3 mail out, where Dan promised to home burn the CD-R’s & send via post, to whoever wanted; for a small price. This chained him to his PC for months, before he realized, he would never be able to keep it up. In 2005 this was the last post, serving as an eulogy to many "dead" links !

boom selection is dead. long live boom!

I used many sections from these mixes for the first years of Boots n All & later in 2005, when the site said goodbye. As a precursor to the amount of Hello intro’s you will hear on these archives, I offer the first Goodbye intro, played in the 2005 tribute show to the ending of the Boomselection site.

1:36 min can be listened to online

This (2002) mix is a combination of shorter sections spliced together. MKY’s unique cut & paste style is perfect for mashing & follows the previous shows intro to boomselection & Internet downloading. This chaotic mix kept in with the plunderphonic concept of the show & had me giggling in the studio (as happened many times).Playing Londons top 40 thrown into a blender & pulsed. Not all sections are The_Dr & MKY, indeed the end song is in fact Miss Frenchie’s satisfaction but a lack of memory & notes…

2003 Boots n All Boomselection Special

A bit thank you to Seej for the photos

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