Saturday, 21 July 2007

Boots n All Archive 3

This mix was an extension of the original demo, at only 15 Minutes, entitled
Hall & Boots are Pirates who enjoy the show

Eminem vs Hall and Oates
Sam Desborough - Dont Pug yourself (The Streets vs Captian Pugwash)
Bozilla - Madonna with the big boobies
Animals Within Animals - Pirates of the Internet


This 2003 mix was done as a tribute to SF's Bootie, who were just starting up & today are one of the biggest clubs in San Francisco, celebrating their 4 year anniversary.

Catweasle's Bootie intro
Kinky Boots - Patrick McNee
Wok n roll section
Bootie Section - Adrian & Mystrious D & Party Ben
GHP - razor Smile
William S Burroughs
DMC - Mega Blue Monday (Substance Abuse Bootleg)

Your a rockstar on Pirate Radio

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