Friday, 24 August 2007

Boots n All Archive 5

In this mix we look at the devils music - rock n roll.Since the early 50's this particular type of music has been blamed for the moral corruption of young people with it's tribal beats, (supposed) backward masking & jangly guitars. Listening to it was akin to possesion by Satan himself.We now know after 40 years, that this is not necessarily so - or is it?

Today we except more openness (or freedoms) with the marketing industry bombarding us with scantly clad advertising, innuendo, swearing, violence. Indeed todays world is a far cry from your parents or grandparents, reserved & repressed society, before the advent of Elvis's hip gryations - maybe rock n roll is to blame for todays moral decay.

We are going to explore these myths & platitudes in a unique & mashed up way. You are going to hear from the kings of punk The Sex Pistols, those pop princess'es Britney & Madonna, as well as Eminen, fronting Led Zepplin & AC/DC, DJ Shadow,DJ Z Trip & those cultural jamming gangsters Negativland.


Peaches vs Pat Boone - Smoke on v water - DJHDD edit
Smash - Wild Rock Music - (Madonna\Steppenwolf\Ike & Tina Turner)
Diffusion - We will rock you (DJHDD re-re-edit)
Bitter Sound Foundation - We will ska you
Soundhog - The Without Me Song - (Led Zeppelin\Eminem)
DJ Z Trip - Rockstar
DJ Shadow - Devils Advocate
Negativland - Helter Stupid (DJHDD re-edit)
Midfield General - Devil in Sports Casual
Evolution Control Committee - Rocked by Rape
The Bran Flakes - I am a groupie
JPL - I love rock n roll (Britney Spears)
cry on my console - Robots Can Fucking Rock (Wacko Jacko)
Sex Pistols - God save the Queen (Neil Barnes dance mix)
IDC - Punks In Love With Rock n Roll (Sex Pistols)
Go Home Productions - Ray of Gob (Madonna\The Sex Pistols)

Rock n Roll is v Devils Muzak

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