Saturday, 22 September 2007

Boots n All Archive 6

A change of pace on this mix, instead of the usual ADD fast cut & paste dance remixes, this mix is a chilled alternative. A move away from the traditional bootlegs & get into some tragic covers from a couple of High School Bands, some Latino funk & introduce a fine mash up by Grandmaster Gareth. All the tracks are covers of Contempory artists like Herman's Hermits, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie,The Carpenters even The Eagles.

We start off with The Portsmouth Sinfonia, doing cat screeching renditon of 2001 A Space Odessy. The Sinfonia was made up (mostly) of muscians still learning there instrument, one of these musicians was Brian Eno. I'm not too sure what instrument he was trying to learn, it certianally wasn't the synthisier.

The next track tonight is by The Langley Schools Project, The Beach Boys, Good Vibrations. It is a 60 voice choir made up of school chlidren from Canada. It was captured on a 2 track tape deck in 1977 & has been released on CD by Bar None Records. Followed by Senor Coconut & his Latinino Orchestra doing the Doors & then the Fairfax High School Marimba Band doing a raring rendition of Popcorn.

We then move over to Grandmaster Gareth who is 22 & from Moseley in Birmingham. He chose the name Grandmaster Gareth to try and enhance his hip-hop credibility. He has a CD out called, Minute Melodies, i'ts 30 one mintue tracks . Although this featured mix is a full 30 min special mash up, courtesy of the Peel Sessions.


Also Sparch Zarathutra Theme From 2001 - The Portsmouth Sinfonia
The Langley Schools Project - Good Vibrations
Senor Coconut - Riders on the Storm/Beat It
Leland Stanford Jnr Uni Marching Band - Turn the beat Around
The Marimba Band of Fairfax High School- Popcorn
Senor Coconut - Oxygene
Grandmaster Gareth - The Peel Sessions
LB - Silence is Golden/Angie/Jealous Guy
Rip Off Artist - Sway

High School Bands

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