Saturday, 1 September 2007

Boots n All Special Mix

This mix is mainly made up from the GYBO Punk challenge - the 2nd Matrix film had finished & the crew party was just a few blocks away, in a film studio on Australia St. We had set up a very long DJ table complete with 2 mixers turntables & Pioneer CD's,(it even had a picket fence around it),the white walls were left bare for lighting effects & I was the warm up DJ. This is the set, it starts of slow & moves it's way up. The crew were an "older" crowd, so kept it to songs they would know, by the end of the set most of the people were up dancing.


1. Deep Disco Force - Thermemins from outer space
2. Braces Tower - Special Child (Specials vs Destiny Child)
3. Lionel Vinyl - Real Loose Voodoo
4. Digital Punkz - How do I get out
5. IDC - Freetrippin
6. Eclectic Method - P-Diddy's madhouse
7. DJ Crook Air - Madness like 2 move it
8. MC Pikey - Grim & Grimy Gangsters
9. DJ Crook Air - Pikey goes out late at nite (DJ HDD edit)
10. IDC - Audio Blurries
11. Clash vs Lost Vegas - London Calling
12. Pop Bastard - Where "The Streets" Have No Name
13. Audio Bully's - Face in a cloud (Joe Cocker)
14. Arthur Agent - Hold your head up (soulwax mix)
15. Son of - The Storm in the Sky
16. Dr P - La la land (Tori Amos vs Green Velevet)
17. Miss Frenchie - 69 Minit cats

DJHDD - oZ sT sTuDi0S (PunX Boots)

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